Friday, December 14, 2012

Little Things Come in Big Packages

As I was getting ready today to pack up a "gift of polymer clay" for my dear friend Becky in North Carolina, I realized I hadn't taken any photos of some very cute "little clay things" that are going into the package.  Before I mail it today (late as usual!), I thought I would share some photos with you...

These crochet hooks are for Gramma (my friend's Mom whom I just adore).  Gramma is an avid crocheter and will appreciate these along with the little chocolate "calorie free" stitch markers that go with them.

A bit of background.  Becky and I have been close friends for eons and eons.  Even though we are separated by many, many miles and live on opposite coasts now, we still chat with each other every week. Among the other goodies in the package will be some little red running shoes.  Sorry that the photo below is not great... the shoes are so small that it was hard to get a good photo of them but trust me they are adorable.

 So why the red running shoes?

Well, Becky is a nurse and when she was on the floor she used to wear red tennies.  We used to call her Nurse Becky with the Red Tennies.  She is now in nurse management but the red tennies still hold a lot of significance for her.  They are a reminder for her to listen to and stay true to her heart.  Whenever she is in a quandary, is worried about something or needs to make an important decision we talk about her red tennies!!

Becky can make the little tennies into earrings (she is an avid jewelry maker).  They are less than 1" long and have her initials in them.  Along with them will go the larger shoe that she can make into a pendant or put on a chain.

There are some other surprises but I am staying MUM about them for now... don't want to reveal all the surprises in the package. I'll just sit back and wait for the package to arrive because...

It's hilarious when the package is plunked down on her doorstep.  She never waits for Christmas to open it.  Nope she dives right in, rips open the package and calls me!!  Ah, there is nothing like the beauty and love of chatting and being with old friends who know you "inside out" and "outside in" especially at this time of the year.

Santa is definitely on his way folks...

Have a delicious week,