Blog Giveaway - A funky Pendant Necklace

At long last... the blog giveaway for followers!  A very funky pendant encased in a copper edging on a twisted hemp cord!  It looks absolutely fabulous against a black sweater or blouse (or just experiment with your wardrobe for the look you like best).  It will definitely get comments from your friends... I know because every time I wear mine I always hear "Where did you get that?  It's so funky!"

There are only a couple of "rules" for your chance to win this giveaway...

1.  You must be a current or new follower.  If you don't currently follow my blog, it's easy to become a follower.  Just click on the follow button (over there on the left, at the top, where all the pictures of current followers are) and follow the instructions to sign up.
2.  You must leave a comment on this post with a way for me to contact you.
3.  Tell your friends about the giveaway on your blog or facebook page (or both) and you will get another chance to win it.  Just send me a quick email (just click on the "telegram" photo on the right) with a link to your blog or facebook post to let me know.

The draw will take place on April 30 and I will post the winner's name.  Good luck!