Two Days We Should Not Worry...

I'd like to say a warm thank you to all of you who have sent me "best wishes" for a speedy recovery from my foot operation.  I am not quite out of the woods yet... but I am getting there.  At least now I can sit for an hour with my foot down... that's a big improvement.  I still have a way to go... I certainly didn't think it was going to take me what seems like FOREVER to be able to get back to art but I am being as patient as I can be so I don't screw it all up by getting too ambitious!  So bear with me folks... my head is brimming with ideas (especially for the giveaway coming in April for blog followers) even though the body isn't quite up to making it happen yet! You know the old story... the heart is willing  but... LOL

But I have discovered one thing I can do while not being very mobile... do some recording.  With this in mind, I have recorded a new (2:36 minute) story for this month called "Two Days We Should Not Worry".  Intrigued?  I hope you enjoy it... Sharon

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