Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Claying Around... A Wire, Clay and Bead Embellished Necklace

Here's a fun little bunny hopping by to say Happy Easter to you!

May this Easter bring  you and the special people in your life, lot of Love, Smiles and a chocolate bunny to nibble on.

This week I graduated to an old pair of gardening shoes .. not pretty by any means but boy at least I can get them on my "newly aligned" foot without screeching!  It has amazed me at just how sensitive my foot is since the operation and how I am having to learn how to walk again.  I never realized, until now, just how "off" my gait was before the operation.  The minute I put my foot down in the "old" position, I get a sharp pain in my hip to remind me to "get with the program" and adjust.

I won't be running any marathons soon LOL but slowly and surely I can stand again for longer than 10 minutes.  So I took advantage this week and decided to clay around....

Here's a photo of the "leaf" necklace I made to which I added some wire and beads.  Although it looks "red" in the photo (when will I ever learn how to do photography??? LOL), it is actually a copper metallic colour.  The highlighting, also in metallic was done with a couple of colours... blue, green and purple... and sets it all off very subtly.  I love how it just catches the light and changes colour depending on the angle.

Each of the individual leaves would make a sweet pendant all by itself.  I attached the leaves to an "antiqued" copper chain that I purchased and made a clasp to finish it off.

Just a reminder... there is still time to enter the April giveaway for the rather funky necklace I made some time back.  Just click on the photo in the Popular Posts (Blog Giveaway - A Funky Pendant Necklace) over on the right hand side of this page to see it and how you can enter to win it.

Hope this finds you happy, healthy and ready to gather Easter eggs this weekend,