Friday, May 3, 2013

The Wise Old Crone....

Allow me to introduce you today to Matilde, the wise, old crone and storytelling muse who has resided in the creative side of my mind for many years. 

She has finally been brought to "life" through the magic of polymer clay and doll making.  She is a "stump" or bolster doll who stands 17" tall with a polymer clay face and hands.  Her arms and hands can move so she can be bent into different poses.  She has a lovely, old and craggy face that I imagine someone who has been around as long as she has (for she is ancient) must have...

She is made from three pieces of beautiful batik fabric in purple, turquoise and green that I had stashed away to save for a special project. They certainly aren't to "scale" for the size of the doll but I think you can get away with it in a doll like this.

Even though you really can't see it in the photos, the front of her dress has a series of pockets in which to stick "stuff"... tiny stories, favourite quotes, little books, dried flowers or small trinkets that hold meaning for me.  Sitting on the credenza in my studio,  in front of the window that looks out onto my "rock garden" on the side of our house, she reminds me each day to ...

Dance like the Maiden
Laugh like the Mother
Think like the Crone

It was a fun project... so much so I am almost (but not quite) ready to make another one!!   

A big thank you to all of you who "liked" this blog last week.  I really appreciate your support in helping me get a Facebook page going!  Now I just have to get to it...LOL

Have a great weekend,