Guess Who's Cooking Dinner?

Okay, so a little mouse told me you've been wondering where I have been hanging out since my last post... well...

March and April have been chock full of creativity... finishing off three pieces for an upcoming art show (sorry can't show you the "creations" yet but according to my friend Karen you're gonna love 'em when you do get to see them) and learning to sculpt mini faces!

Boy, let me tell you... sculpting "little stuff" looks a lot easier than it actually is once you get down to it.  I have probably sculpted 20 little faces and then smushed (that is a word isn't it?) them up to start all over again. But the persistent being that I am, I kept going at it until I finally got one that I thought passed the test. 

A little background...

I first got interested in polymer clay as a way to make "stuff" for a dollhouse.  About five years ago, I could tell I was about to enter into my second childhood when my interest in dollhouses and mini dolls started to tickle my brain.  Well I made some cute little mini stuff... cups and plates, bread, cakes, cake stands, little perfume bottles, chocolates, sushi... a mish mash of just playing around.  I found I enjoyed making "little stuff" and played around with it for quite awhile.  I eventually put together my French Bistro Cafe (photo below) and then somehow got distracted by other projects I wanted to do.  I left minis behind... at least for the time being.

As I was dusting off my shelves just before Christmas, I opened up the box with the mini bistro in it.  I am a real Guy Buffet fan and I just love his chefs and waiters.  "Boy", I said to self, "wouldn't it be fun to try and make my own little chefs and waiters!  I could create a whole little scene for the top of the tin pie safe in my kitchen."

Oh dear, I should never say this kind of stuff to my "self"!  Another big learning curve coming right up....


So here we are TODAY ... hundreds (I kid you not!!) of hours later... and I finally have my first little chef!! 

Meet Chef Jean Pierre.  He's just finished baking a baguette for tonight's dinner.  I just love the smell of baking bread, don't you?  He made some delicious chocolate biscotti this morning for our after dinner latte this evening.  Would you like the recipe??? He'd be happy to share it with you.

 He is 7-1/2" tall (he can stand on his own) and is a regular little flirt with a sexy french accent.  He has studied and worked in some of the world's best french restaurants and I think you will agree, is as cute as all get out... soft, fluffy mustache and all!

See that waiter hovering around in the background?  He's on the list too!!

Well I must say "adieu" for now... Chef and I are about to sit down with a nice glass of wine and discuss dinner menus for the weekend...

Bon Appetit


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