Thanks for the Award!

Diane, over at Good Mourning, Glory was a real sweetie... she chose me and mystoryART to receive the Kreativ Blogger award! She has a wicked sense of humour... a gal after my own heart.. so drop on over to pay her a visit and read about some of her escapades!

The rules of this award are pretty straightforward. I am to name 7 things that I love (gosh, only 7!) and pass the award along to 7 deserving bloggers (gosh, only 7... that's going to be tough) .

Seven Things I Love

  1. I love telling stories, reading stories, finding stories (would you have guessed???)
  2. I love making a big mess in my art room. The bigger the mess, the more creative my muse gets!
  3. I love hot apple pie and ice cream.
  4. I love figuring/trying out stuff out on my own. Instructions? What are those? Never read them. Screw up sometimes but the challenge is getting out of it!
  5. I love snuggling on the couch for an afternoon snooze with my little dog Shelby.
  6. I love the beach... anywhere... anytime (well I'll be honest...a cold, windy, rainy winter day at the beach doesn't exactly thrill me!)
  7. I love living in Victoria, B.C. with all its history, natural beauty, mountain views and beaches!

7 deserving bloggers I'd like to pass this reward on to. I enjoy visiting their sites and seeing what they are up to! Hope you do too!

  1. Arlene at Altered By Me
  2. Belinda Schneider
  3. Cyndi Lavin at LayersUponLayers
  4. Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover
  5. Margot Potter at the Impatient Crafter
  6. Michi at Michi Rhymes with Peachy
  7. Stephanie Loomis

Congratulations to these 7 creative ladies...

Thank again Diane. It is an honour and I am truly appreciative!