Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Memories ... Blog Giveaway Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who left a holiday memory! What a delight to read... entries that tug at your heartstrings, tiny stories of delight, stories that just left me feeling warm and cozy. I wish I could send a surprise package to all of you!

So I know you are probably very curious to know what is in the package. It's a "grab bag" of ephemera, game pieces and other miscellaneous items to use in your art.

Vintage papers
  • 2 music sheets from from a 1922 school music program book
  • a cover from (what else (grin) a Reader's Digest Condensed Book (1968)
  • a bookplate from a RDCB book (1972) with a matching embossed sheet
  • 3 sheets of German text from a 1932 German novel
  • 1 sheet of Dutch text from a Kahil Gibran book
  • 3 sheets of French-English dictionary pages from a 1919 dictionary
  • sewing pattern tissue from the '60's

** 3 metal embossed squares (I cuddled with my "Bug" for you)
** a small vintage crochet doily from my collection of old doilies
** 2 vintage hankies from my collection
** a small bag of old buttons
** a small bag of puzzle pieces from a '60's puzzle
** a large domino to alter (I drilled it for you)
** 4 RummiKub tiles (drilled these for you too)
** a couple of tickets
** 2 small fabric pieces with vintage images
** an altered tag with "believe" on it
** a double microscope slide holder to alter
** Miscellaneous small stickers and 8 tiny queen of hearts playing card images
** a vintage image, bamboo tile pin that I made
** some pretty wired white ribbon with irresdesant polka dots

The beads and the little doll are not included in the package...I discovered they don't pack well in a large envelope... so I just added some more flatter "stuff" to the package after I took the photo.

And the winner of this holiday "play" package is OPHELIA! Congratulations! Please get in touch with me by Wednesday, Dec. 10, Ophelia so that I can get your package off to you.

Thanks again everyone for playing. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. The smell of evergreen throughout your house. Chocolate surprises in an Advent Calendar. Tasty little morsels of holiday cookies baking in the oven. And remember, when offered some "goodies" to sample by friends, family or colleagues... if someone else made it, it doesn't have any calories.(I wish!!!)

See ya'll again later on this week...