Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Polymer Necklace and Buttons to Match...

This year's Christmas sweater from hubby (he buys me a special sweater for Christmas each year... lovely man) was an Irish knit patchwork sweater.  Instead of the traditional creme colour, he bought me one in a favourite colour... Aubergine.  The sweater is very similar to this one... just shorter.

 I fell in love with it, the minute I saw it.  It is definitely "my kind" of sweater.

As it happens I was making some buttons in the same colour to bring to the shop where I sell them. I quickly decided to make a pendant to match my new sweater and fulfill this month's "obligation" in one of my Flicker groups... 12 Polymer Clay Projects in 2013.

It's a perfect match in colour and the first time I have tried embedding tiny marbles into the clay.  Was an awful mess doing it... those miniscule marbles go everywhere... but it worked and it looks great on.  I've also sewn a couple of the buttons on one of the patchworks in the sweater as well.... makes for an interesting look!

Wishing you a fun, arty week,