The 12 Days of Christmas

An Art Fest of Projects

For days now I have been ruminating about my blog posts for December!  This morning, as I rolled out of my nice warm bed to greet a cold, crisp November day, it came to me: create a chronicle of various "art" projects I have tackled or created over the years.. some of which I have shared with you and others that didn't quite make it to these pages!

Beginning tomorrow and until December 12, I will be serving up a short blog post each day "showcasing" one of these projects.  Some you may have already seen, some may be new to you.  My hope is that they inform, instruct or inspire you in your art endeavors now and in the coming new year.

So please, drop by and join me on this little trip down art project lane.  See you tomorrow,


P.S.  Mrs. Santa, who dropped by for a quick cup of tea this morning, told me to also let you know there will be a couple mystery surprise days coming your way over the next 12 days but you're gonna have to be there, on those days,  to be in on that day's surprise!  I prodded her for more information, even tried to bribe her to tell me with a piece of apple pie but she remained steadfast in her resolve to keep her secret.  "My lips are sealed!" she said with a sly smile and a twinkle in her eye!