Time for a Tale...

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet! The weather forecast is calling for a gorgeous day, so guess where I am going? Yep, I am going to answer the call of the waves and head off to the beach to spend the day with me, myself and I. It has been a busy week and a day at the beach reading, snoozing, nibbling on some fresh peaches, snoozing and dreaming is just the break my creative spirit wants!

Hmmm… thinking about the beach, water and sun brings to mind a tiny tale from ancient Greece that I love. It's about a sea nymph named Clytie. Would you like to hear the tale? I think you'll enjoy it... It's my adaption of a tale told by storyteller Heather Forest.

The Sunflower

Now Clytie was one of the fifty daughters of the sea god Nereus. She lived at the bottom of the sea. She was a pretty sea nymph who wore a beautiful green flowing gown woven of seaweed. She had long golden hair that floated lazily to and fro about her as she moved gracefully from place to place along the sea floor.

One day, one of her mermaid friends sang a song to her about a golden light above the water. Well, Clydie was so curious, she just had to go see it right away. She swan to the surface of the sea and climbed onto the shore. She looked up and saw the golden light, just as her mermaid friend had described it to her in the song. Why the golden light was the sun!

All day long, Clytie lay happily on the shore just gazing at it. As the sun began to set, she turned towards the sea and as she did so, she saw her reflection in the water. Her beautiful golden hair had become yellow petals! And her green gown, why they had become leaves. Her tiny feet had become roots and buried themselves down in the warm earth. She had become a sunflower, a small image of the sun she had grown to love that day.

And do you know that to this day sunflowers turn on their stems all through the day so they can gaze upon the sun as it travels across the sky.

Sunflower photo courtesy of Public Domain Photo

Isn't that a sweet story? I am so glad that Clytie was curious! Everytime I see a sunflower, I think of her and that little story.

Before I close for today... thanks again to everyone who has sent storage ideas for next Tuesdays Thrifty Tuesday Art Tips blog entry! Keep those ideas coming folks... the more the merrier. Personally, I could use some help with good storage tips... my art room is overflowing! So take a minute to put an email together and send your ideas and solutions to me. Thanks a bunch.

See you next week... have a wonderful weekend.