I'm doing the happy dance all around my kitchen! My art piece in the Sooke Fine Arts Show has a *SOLD* sticker on it! I am absolutely thrilled and humbled both at the same time! My "baby" art piece, called "Just My Type" that I laboured over with love and attention is going to a new home to live with someone who appreciates "her" just as much as I did! How cool is that???

Where's the picture of it? Well that was an OOPS! I forgot to take one of it before I entered it. However, I have received permission from the 'powers that be' to go into the show this weekend and take a photo.

My hubby and I jumped around like people possessed when we found out... what fun that was! His comment once we settled down (well that's an understatement) was delicious: "Well darlin' that will buy you a lot of glue."

I shall enjoy the glue!