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Christmas is Coming...

This has been a busy week finishing up some of my Christmas projects for an upcoming arts and crafts show. Needless to say it hasn't left a lot of time for writing! It has been a bit of a struggle as my arthritis has been acting up again... the November rains have hit the "wet coast"... so I decided that instead of writing a piece that probably wouldn't get finished until tonight LOL, I would "show off" some of the things I have been working on.

A French Lavender Hanky Sachet

Here's just one of the sachets that I have made with some vintage and antique hankies and vintage jacquard brocade material that I have had for about 30 years (and was about 20 years old when I got it). I loved this material so much that I have never wanted to part with it until now. It was perfect for making the sachets. I have made 10 in total and they all have a secret pocket to store your hopes, wishes and dreams. I nearly fell over when I went to buy the lavender from a local supplier. The cost of culinary French lavender has risen to $40.00 a pound! But oh my gosh, the sachets turned out beautifully and smell absolutely wonderful...

Potpourri Christmas Jar

And speaking of potpourri... here's a Christmas jar filled with Christmas lights and cinnamon potpourri that I made. It has an antique doily on top. It looks wonderful when it is turned on and the smell is just delicious. The Christmas lights (35 in all) warm up the potpourri and permeates the air with the smell of Christmas!

Vintage Style Christmas Cards

Christmas isn't Christmas without making some cards. I love making Christmas cards... but this year I have limited myself to a baker's dozen otherwise I'd have enough for this Christmas and next. CHUCKLE.

Here's a delightful card made from a vintage Santa image. He sure is one cute Santa...LOL... Yesterday, on my way home from the bakery (I had gone to purchase some pie boxes for my Potpourri apple pies), I saw a sign near the farmer's market that read "Leave wine, not milk. Love Santa" Yo Santa... will do!

"Artisan" Glass Pendants

This is a photo of some glass pendants that I made from recycled tumbled glass. The photo just doesn't do them justice... they are absolutely gorgeous. I used a combination of fantasy film, Angelina fibres, Franklin Opals, embossing powders and glitter. I am just tickled with the way they turned out. It took awhile to do them... waiting for the glass to finish tumbling seemed to take forever! But once they were done... my heat gun, my "stuff" and I had a date... and here is the result

Next Tuesday is Remembrance Day in Canada. Instead of Thrifty Tuesday Art Tips, I hope to post a tribute to our war veterans... past and present. Without their sacrifice to our country, we would be living in a much different world.

There is something really wonderful about the days leading up to Remembrance Day. Everyone you see has a poppy pinned to their jacket, sweater or lapel.

Rain or shine, you'll find me at the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Sydney, B.C. to watch the military parade (including hubby's band) march to the cenotaph for the ceremony to honour our war dead. After the ceremony is over, hubby's band goes on an all day "pub crawl" playing a few sets in each pub! Thank heavens they have a military bus with a driver to transport them around. He should be in fine shape come 7 p.m. when I join him at their last stop LOL!

Have a great weekend... I'll be sending pleading messages to the rain Gods that the "pineapple express" (the rain that is coming from Hawaii and absolutely soaking us) doesn't last too long!



  1. Your lavender sachets are absolutely lovely! I love the idea of having a secret pocket.

  2. The jewelry is beautiful, simple, and elegant. I also love the hand stitching you di. Nice job!

  3. Your pendants turned out GORGEOUS. Love them!
    You can get the glass already tumbled from After Midnight. ;)

    I have a stash of hankies from my grandmother but have never been able to bring myself to make anything with them. Love your sachets. I may have to give this a try. I have some handmade lace from my mother too. These would make lovely gifts for my sisters and nieces.

  4. all the show and tell things are wonderful!!
    i love vintage materials too
    and amazingly enough
    never thought of sasets to use them for

    have a great experience at the arts and crafts fair!!!

    you are certainly getting the christmas spirit going...
    it is just around the corner though..just weeks away now
    oh my!

  5. Wow! I wish I was closer so I could attend this craft fair - your booth will be a one stop shop! :) You did an amazing job - I love the soft elegance of the hankies, the beautiful Christmas Jars. and the stunning art glass! The Christmas card is wonderful...I just get giddy when I look at all your beautifully created things - thanks so much for sharing! And I hope you also sincerely enjoy Remembrance Day. What I wouldn't give to be with you when you meet your dh at his last stop! haha

  6. Beautiful work Sharon! I LOVE the lavendar sachet, what a great use for old hankies!


  7. The lavendar sachets are so wonderful! Beautiful. Everything you make is! =) I do love that santa. I've been collecting santas for our tree this year. I have gotten 6 in trades so i'm happy. You will do great with the new things. =) Thanks for sharing. HUG


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