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How to create a French Bistro Cafe...

Take One Black Photo Box

One Favourite Art Calendar

create two French Waiter stand up "photo dolls"

A minature table with bread, wine glasses & cheese

Mount old ceiling tin to the ceiling
Paper the walls and lay a "tiled" floor
Add baseboards around the inside of the box
Add a recessed picture window wall
Glue an outdoor scene to the back of the box
Mount Mucha Art on the walls
Electrify the box with real lights
Plug the lights in and admire your creation

Meet Monsieur Edgar

and Monsieur Henri

Come join me in my Paris bistro for wine & cheese!

I adore the whimsy of Guy Buffet's art, especially his French restaurant scenes! This is my tribute to this wonderful French artist who brings a wide smile to my face and a chuckle to my heart.

It is also my personal "memory shrine" of many wonderful days, weeks and months spent in
  • funky Paris bistros drinking coffee and eating Petit Pain au Chocolat (brioche dough baked around a piece of chocolate);
  • lunching on the steps of Sacre Coeur Cathedral on warm, sunny, spring days;
  • skipping merrily along the left bank of the Seine;
  • experiencing pure joy in my heart in my many wanderings through the Louvre;
  • feeling mesmerized and deeply moved by the majestic sounds of the organ in Notre Dame Cathedral;
  • smacking my lips in total delight sampling the delicious cuisine and wine of Alsace;
  • the experience of true freedom flying gliders in the Loire Valley each summer;
  • singing the French children's song "Le Pont d'Avignon" at the top of my lungs the first time I saw the bridge at Avignon and
  • admiring, for hours and hours, the simply magnificent windows in the Chartre Cathedral.
Till we meet again...



  1. miniatures always fascinate me..
    your French bistro cafe is absolutely adorable !

  2. ohmigosh! ohmigosh! ohmigosh!

    I'm sooooo glad I finally found your site!! I'm so inspired I'm jumping up and down and am having trouble sitting at the keyboard long enough to finish typing this.

    Sorry- I'd say more but I have to run find a box and calendar right now!

  3. this is an adorable piece of work!
    and that you frequent such places
    how delightful...
    you have way too much fun
    you do realize that!

  4. Oh this is wonderful! I do minitures too, but haven't done diaramas with paper... this makes me want to try one.

  5. What an adorable idea! I hope you don't mind that I"m linking to your site...I think this idea would be fabulous as an art project for the homeschoolers who read my blog. I love your entire site!

  6. That is just the neatest thing! How creative! Your lucky to visit such places. You have a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing

  7. I LOVE this Sharon!! How did you electrify it, a dollhouse lighting kit?


  8. This is just great Sharon! I remember doing things like this when I was in school, about a million years ago! They were great fun then, and I hadn't thought of doing one in years. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. What a cute piece! How clever of you.


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