Wee Witch Accessories...

Hi!  Please pardon the mess. We are doing a long overdue update to this website so beware of cobwebs!! 

 If you are here because you watched my video on the Professional Dollmakers Art Guild's site during the PDMAG convention and are looking for the Wee Witches Accessory Kit.... here are some links to videos on YouTube you will find fun to watch!  Unfortunately, an illness in the family prevented me from getting some of the accessories finished so to keep my word, I have sought out some on the web that you could make.  

 Every Halloween needs a skeleton...   How about this one!  
I really adore this witch house made from cardboard.  Certainly would take awhile but oh my it would be cool to have sitting on a table come All Hallows Eve!

Need a witch broom... here's one

Every witch needs a cauldron... I love this little one!

Bat wings anyone???? 

Great ideas for a Halloween party! Crystal balls, funky napkins, lovely bony hands... a fun site if you want to hold a witches party and make the accessories! 

Have fun!!  And, if you would like to see my "Character Dolls for Grownups", drop by my other site, myStoryART2 for a peek!

Happy Halloween!