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Fun with Beads... Polymer Clay and otherwise...

I had some fun this past week making an eyeglass holder necklace for my sunglasses.  It seems that I am always taking my sunglasses off and popping them on my head.  I promptly orget about them and then I bend over... and off they fly!!  So after the ten millionth time that this has happened, I decided to make some colourful beads, combine them with some seed beads I have had kicking around forever and see what I could come up with.   Here is the result:

Judging from the compliments I've received this past week, they are a hit with lots of my friends and neighbours!!  And since, they work so well with my sunglasses, I decided to make a (more subdued) strand from seed beads and little pearl beads for a friend who has a birthday coming up.

Last week I promised to upload the other necklace that I made with the European bead (otherwise known as Pandora beads) style...

And I have saved the best for last.  Here is the watch band that I made with "circus" colour beads I "cooked up".   I just love it... and according to my hubby... it is so ME!

It's been a busy week playing with clay....  I've been having way too much fun.... LOL!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,


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