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An Exciting Secret Revealed...

I have been keeping a secret for over a year! WHEW ... how tough is that... especially when it is exciting news that you just want to share with the whole wide world. Well I am about to let the cat out of the bag and tell you...

This week, the book "Jewelry Beyond Time" by Cynthia Powell, Stephanie Chavez and Sherre Hulbert, filled with "eye candy" jewelry and how to instructions was published. Two of the jewelry pieces I designed and submitted (with fingers crossed that they would be accepted) to be included are in it! WOW! Now isn't that exciting news? I am just thrilled to bits.

If you love making jewelry (or even just enjoy looking at it)... this is a book you absolutely must have on your bookshelf. It is crammed full of exciting projects by the authors and nine (including me) contributing designers. Just take a look at the book cover to get a glimpse of some of the trendiest jewelry around that you could make for yourself and as Christmas gifts for your nearest and dearest female relatives and friends...

And it gets even better...

Available at Amazon (and eligible for free shipping) and, the authors want to celebrate the publication of the book by giving you a $5.00 discount if you order it through Just enter the code 95PJX7CX at checkout to receive the discount. This is a limited time offer, so act quickly.

And here's a bonus! I checked with the authors about posting some photos I took when I submitted both pieces to see if it was okay to go ahead and show you my projects that are in the book They said, "Sure. Go ahead". So here they are:

This first piece is a very contemporary necklace that I designed in my favourite colours. It looks absolutely fabulous on. Those little "side" charms lay wonderfully when it's around your neck and really gives this piece of jewelry a very different and trendy look. The large "focal" piece is an antiqued silver piece I have had for well over 30 years that was just waiting for a project... some day! Don't have something like this kicking around in your stash? Don't worry... it could be easily copied using metal clay or something similar! You could also recycle something that currently doesn't float your boat or come up with something entirely new and unique!

This next piece was a lot of fun! If you like oriental type jewelry, this is for you!

I love geishas and always wanted an "oriental type" necklace that incorporated a geisha in the design. This design and how to do it came to me one morning when I was doing water aerobics.

Now people chuckle when they hear me say that I get my best ideas in the pool! But the fact is, when you've been doing water aerobics for as long as I have, you know the drill and quite honestly, it's downright boring! So instead of focusing on the fact that I am bored to tears for an hour, I think about art and dream up projects while I am going through the motions. It's amazing how quickly the hour goes by and very often I can hardly wait to get home to start on something I have just dreamed up!

As many of you know, I love to sew and this summer I finally found the perfect material (with kanji lettering on it) for an outfit I have designed and want to make once summer is over (I only sew in the fall, winter and spring... I like being outside as much as I can be in the summer.) This necklace will look absolutely smashing with it! Oh gosh, so many projects dancing around in my head, so little time to get them all done! I'm sure some of you can relate (GRIN).

This necklace incorporates a faux scrimshaw technique that I came up with for dominoes (yep, in the pool and the how to instructions are in the book) and includes beads that I made and dipped in UTEE. The beads actually come out looking like old, antiqued glass beads when you're done. You can use reinforced washi paper with kanji characters to make them or do what I did... make your own paper (you can find out how in the book)!

So, I hope you enjoyed this little "show and tell" and that it has inspired you to order the book today and see all of the other wonderful projects you can get started on before the end of the month. The hardest part will probably be deciding which one to do first!

See you next week. Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my exciting news!



  1. YOU! kept this secret a WHOLE year!!!
    and fabulous too...
    i know you are i am FOR you!
    way to go girl!!
    and the piece you share here in the post is gorgeous too
    and it does have a fluidity too it like a ghiesa (did i spell that right)
    fantastic news!!!
    and yet another! book i have to get!
    i can open a library as it is...

  2. can you see me standing and clapping you - SO PROUD of you and PLEASED - WELL DONE! I will order a copy soon as I can...
    Seems like an age since I dropped by, will be back to read up on what I have missed out on @ the weekend xxx take care and once again CONGRATULATIONS XXX

  3. Well Congratulations! Your pieces are lovely and getting published is a real feat. Way to go!
    Moyra Riley

  4. Congratulatios to you!! And to your patience in keeping this secret! I can't wait to see this book in real life! You're jewelry pieces are exquisite!

  5. Congratulations on being chosen for the book. It's easy to see why you were. Your jewelry is lovely! nancy

  6. Wow Sharon, that IS exciting and great news! I don't know how you kept it a secret for so long! Your pieces are beautiful, congratulations!

  7. congrads!!! No way would I make it so long. Your pieces are beautiful and inspiring!

  8. how awesome is this?

    congratulations, Sharon!


  9. Fabulous necklaces. The geisha really rocks! Congratulations on getting publish and in such august company. Can't wait to buy the book.

  10. Hi Sharon!
    These pieces are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! CONGRATULATIONS for being published!!!!! Woo!! Hoo!!

  11. Wow! How exciting! Congratulations -- don't know how you could keep it to yourself for so long but glad you are sharing now!

  12. That is so awesome Sharon...I love your jewelry and am always in awwww of your are such a talented lady and I enjoy your stories so much...Thanks for sharing.
    Create & Share
    Linda (Okla)

  13. Congratulations!!! You're really good at keeping secrets! :D Marva

  14. I just stopped by, what great news! Your pieces are beautiful, and you well deserve the recognition! The gov't should know it can tell its secrets to you, you definately can keep them! BZs indeed.

  15. I LOVE this blog and what great jewelry!If I can't by that book with you and the other crafters on my own, I SURE know what to ask my hubby for Christmas!

    Kingwood, Texas


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