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A New Year's Tale for you...

Welcome to 2009. I wish you much love and peace in your life as this year unfolds.

Here's a delightful little New Year's tale for you by Emilie Poulsson that I have adapted for telling.


Two little boys were at play one day when a Fairy suddenly appeared before them and said: "I have been sent to give you New Year presents."

She handed to each child a package, and in an instant was gone.

Carl and Philip opened the packages. Inside they found two beautiful books with leather tooled covers and pages as pure and white as the snow when it first falls.

Many months passed and the Fairy came again to the boys. "I have brought you each another book." said she, "and will take the first ones back to Father Time who sent them to you."

"May I not keep mine a little longer?" asked Philip. "I have hardly thought about it lately. I 'd like to paint something on the last leaf that lies open."

"No," said the Fairy; "I must take it just as it is."

"I wish that I could look through mine just once," said Carl. "I have only seen one page at a time, for when the leaf turns over it sticks fast, and I can never open the book at more than one place each day."

"You shall look at your book," said the Fairy, "and Philip, at his." And she lit for them two little silver lamps. Slowly, by the light of the lamps, she turned the pages so they could see them.

The boys looked in wonder. Could it be that these were the same fair books she had given them a year ago? Where were the clean, white pages, as pure and beautiful as the snow when it first falls? Here was a page with ugly, black spots and scratches upon it; while the very next page showed a lovely little picture. Some pages were decorated with gold and silver and gorgeous colors, others with beautiful flowers, and still others with a rainbow of the softest, most delicate brightness. Yet even on the most beautiful of the pages there were ugly blots and scratches.

Carl and Philip looked up at the Fairy at last.

"Who did this?" they asked. "Every page was white and fair as we opened to it; yet now there is not a single blank place in the whole book!"

"Shall I explain some of the pictures to you?" said the Fairy, smiling at the two little boys.

"See, Philip, the spray of roses blossomed on this page when you let the baby have your playthings. And this pretty bird, that looks as if it were singing with all its might, would never have been on this page if you had not tried to be kind and pleasant the other day, instead of quarreling."

"But what makes this blot?" asked Philip.

"That," said the Fairy sadly; "that came when you told an untruth one day. And this one, well this is when you did not mind mamma. All these blots and scratches that look so ugly, both in your book and in Carl's, were made when you were naughty. Each pretty thing in your books came on its page when you were good."

"Oh, if we could only have the books again!" said Carl and Philip.

"That cannot be," said the Fairy. "See! they are dated for this year, and they must now go back into Father Time's bookcase. But I have brought you each a new one. Perhaps you can make these more beautiful than the others."

So saying, she vanished. The boys were left alone, but each held in his hand a new book open at the first page.

And on the back of this book was written in letters of gold, "For the New Year."

Happy New Year



  1. Love it! I'm getting totally spoilt with your tales... can't wait till the next one. Thank you so much for taking all the time & trouble to post these. Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you. This was a lovely story and I enjoyed it very much! I hope to have golden pages for 2009!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Pat@MyTatteredEleganceJanuary 1, 2009 at 10:21 AM

    Thank you!
    I found you through Pat Winters and I'm so glad I did. You have made my day. I want to think about the pages of your little book every morning and make sure I have beautiful pages at the end of the year.

    Happy New year to you and yours.

  4. AWESOME story!!!
    everyone needs this story often through the year!

    here is to making pretty books this year

    /\ {did ya hear the clink of the glasses :)}

  5. I reached to your blog through Kathy, I'm really so glad that I've got a chance to read this story. Thank you so much for sharing. I'll remember those pages every morning.
    Wishing you the very best for a happy and healthy new year.
    Rengin, in Istanbul

  6. Totally awesome story and very relevant as we go into the new year.

    I also love your latest banner.


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