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3rd Day of Christmas Gifts and Crafts

Welcome to day 3 of Christmas Gifts and Crafts.

Mrs. Santa called this morning and suggested that I show you a photo of her and Santa.  Perhaps the Christmas Pig and Her Helpful Elf too???

These ornaments are made from polymer clay over glass.  They can stand on their own or you can hang them on a tree.  Available at the Coast Collective Gallery in the Gifts and Wishes show, they are all handsculpted by me, antiqued and are one of a kind. But hurry over if you want one of them, they sell quickly!


Christmas Pigs on a Christmas tree bring luck for the whole upcoming year!!

All puckered up waiting for a Christmas smooch!!

Well there you have it for today!  See you tomorrow.


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  1. I like these, and the puppies in the previous post too, but I have no illusions about my ability to make something similar. You are just too talented.


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