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Little Row Houses

It's been quite awhile since my last post.  Thanks to all of you who have inquired as to whether I am still alive.  YES, I am and thanks for asking!!

The silence on the blog has not been due to my incarceration, institutionalization, hospitalization or expiration. Nor was it an extended holiday in some place hot and sweaty, drinking margaritas a la Jimmy Buffet although that obviously would have been preferable to the other options I have just mentioned.  Nope, just lots of stuff going on in my life... some good, some not so good... taking up tons of my time dealing with it.  At the end of the day... blogging has just not been where my head is at.  I'm also taking a semi break from art right now, patiently waiting for my "mojo" to blossom once again!  Spring is coming... that should help!  I am not a winter person... my arthritis does not like it when it is cold and rainy and I get cranky and ornery!  LOL

This past week though I couldn't resist signing up for a swap for some little row houses in one of my mixed media groups. I love those little houses and decided I'd put a morning aside this weekend and get busy to make some.  Joining a swap put the fire under my feet to get them done.

I always admire the pretty little houses that lots of ladies make but personally I like to make grungy ones!!  There's just something about vintage papers, ink and old images that appeals to me and the messier my desk gets, the better!  Go figure....  It felt good to play with paper and ink again.  I didn't realize just how much I had to choose from in my stash.  Collecting it bit by bit sure adds up after awhile.

Here are a couple of photos of the finished houses.  One of the "rules" is that each house contain a number.  I tried to find different ways of including the number that wasn't what you would expect.

It was a fun morning making those little houses.  I am sure I will be just delighted when the houses from the other participants in the swap begin to arrive.  I have already decided that I am going to make a little accordion book with pockets to store them in... and perhaps make a few more houses while I am at it. 

Wishing you all an artful week...



  1. Hi Sharon, long time no visit.
    I have been taking a bit of a break myself if you can call it that. I got into sketching and loving it.
    Love your houses, looks like your muse came back real quick....
    Hope spring arrives for you soon. We still have snow here but not much.
    Lesley xo

  2. Adorable!...c/w French accent of course! I love them. They are gorgeous! Will be in touch soon!

  3. Oh these are some sweet! I saw your message in the swap group and came to look...interesting way to connect to someone else from Victoria.

  4. Just browsing through your blog for the first time today. And, I'm thinking that these little houses, especially as "trading houses," would be a very fun activity for my 7th grade Art students. The extensions on this crowd my mind. Also, the ones they keep or receive in trading would be amazing "moment in time" additions to the handmade journals I'm planning as a semester/year long project.


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