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Attention StoryLovers!

The new audio MP3 story for August, "The Stepmother Has Her Say" has been loaded up to the player on the blog. Take some "kick back" time to listen to the point of view espoused by Cinderalla's stepmother as she tells "her side of the story"! Get ready for a few laughs and chuckles!



  1. Sharon,
    What a great "other side" of the story. I loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. CHARMING!!!!
    One time .a long time ago..I took a story and retold it for a creative writing class I was taking. It was great fun!!!I love the concept!!
    Thanks for the story. It made a wonderful lunch time break.
    Love and Laughter,

  3. your search has ended
    i wrote that...


    GREAT telling of it sharon!!
    and now i know YOUR voice


  4. Hi Sharon,

    I'm a new listener and am not a blogger...yet. Just wanted to say thanks for your unique storytelling's wonderful!! I appreciate the time to take a few minutes to relax and listen!! I understand how much work must be involved to putting together and keeping up a blog...can't image others are interested in what I have to say...yet, here I am reading and enjoying your blog!! Thanks for the inspiration...AND the stories!!

    Abby Lazar

  5. Thank you so much for telling us such a wonderful story! This is the first time I've listened to one of your storytelling times, and I'll be back. You have such a rich voice.

    Thank you again for sharing this talent with us!


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