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Not All At Once - A wisdom tale

I'd like to begin this blog by sharing with you a favourite Persian tale. Because my two great loves... storytelling and art... are so deeply entwined with each other, it feels only fitting to begin with a story! This is my way of inviting you to experience the magic of storytelling and the opportunity to gently retreat from the hectic pace of modern life... just for awhile!

"Long ago there was a mullah who went to a house of learning to offer his teachings. He had hoped for a full house of eager listeners, but only one man, a humble stable attendant, had shown up to listen. The mullah wondered to himself whether it would be worthwhile to speak at all! He thought for a few moments and then turned to the stable attendant and asked,"Shall I go ahead and speak, even though you are an audience of one?"
"Master, I am not a learned man, but if I entered the stable, and found it empty except for one horse, I would feed that one horse anyway."
The mullah heeded these words and began to speak as he had planned. He became totally engrossed with the subject matter and spoke on and on at great length. The humble stable attendant listened respectfully. After two hours the mullah paused, "I could go on all night," he said. "Shall I continue?"
"Master," replied the attendant, "I am not a learned man, but if I came into the stable, and found there but one horse, I would surely feed it, but I would not feed it all the grain in the stable."

Coming from a teaching and therapy background, I delight in the opportunity to share my knowledge. This tale reminds me to do just that but not all at once! Occasionally I still wander over the line but I have learned that it is often wise just to stop and button my lips no matter how tempting it would be to continue. Less is often more. And so it is with my art.

My art focus is simplicity. I tell the story and convey meaning using a minimum of elements that rely on texture, colour and placement to create interesting depth in my pieces. My hope for you is to discover a story within each piece that speaks to your heart and creates meaning for you.

How can you use the wisdom in this tale in your life and art? I'd love to hear your answers!


  1. Sharon-I adored the story! Blogs take time, but the end results are well worth the effort. :-D

  2. Sharon I loved the story and congrats on getting your blog started. Hope to see more stories and art soon!

  3. What a great story. I am sure that you are going to have a wonderful blog.


  4. Your blog didn't stay lonely for long! I look forward to more. -Darlene

  5. Sharon, great story with a lot of wisdom included.

    I enjoy a good story and I'll always listen.

    I enjoy your art, too!


  6. Looking forward to seeing some of your artwork Sharon! xoxo welcome to blogland :-)

  7. Love your tale and how true, how true! Good luck on your new blog an I just love that picture with you and your hat! Just makes me want to hug ya. I will bookmark your blog and be back for more art and story food!

  8. Oh Sharon, I am a storyteller too, and I love the wisdom in yours. Your blog will fill with readers, and I will be one! Blog on, friend.

  9. Welcome to blog land :)

    Great story, I look forward to reading more and seeing your art. Love your picture, that hat is wonderful!

  10. What a wonderful story! In addition to my art, I am a teacher of literature, so this story is a good reminder for me to keep in mind my students in my enthusiasm for the literature.

  11. What a great story! and a good lesson for me. I often have classes that are under my minium but I still teach. However, I do tend to then "talk to much" I will carry this story with me to my next small class.

    Look forward to more of your stories and wisdom. Your linked for sure!


  12. you tell a beautiful tale just by the smile you give and the gorgeous hat you've chosen to wear for our profile.
    I tend to be streamlined and simplistic too.
    I think its like Tyler Perry said in an interview - he kept hearing to go and present his plays but no one showed up. Now he is rich and famous and not easily swayed from his beliefs. I'm not sure who I am as an artist. I just love to trade works.

  13. Sharon,

    I read your story to my honey and we both laughed out loud. Thanks for taking time to share!

  14. Sharon,

    I read your story to my honey and we both laughed out loud. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Sharon -
    Love your story. Great wisdom! Hope to see more stories and great artwork soon! I can tell this is going to be a great blog! Bea

  16. This blog post is a lonely horse waiting for company= will stay tuned to hear more stories.

  17. I love listening to story tailing. There were a lot of tellers up in NC. Where I lived awhile. Then you have put the two together Art and Story Telling that is great!
    Paula/fred from artist circle

  18. Hey you , congratulations ;D on the blog! I enjoyed the story , but I enjoyed your photo even more ma'am - that hat looks great on you!

  19. Sharon; first of all, I love your beautiful city. I spent a week there and it was one of my favorite places I have visited w/my husband. I live in NY in the mountains and am a collage/mixed media artist who uses antique and vintage paper and objects, AND I am also an art teacher. BOY DID THAT STORY HIT HOME. I always struggle with how much to do, how much to give, and when to stop, even after 17 years of teaching and many more of making art. Keep up the blog. I blog mostly every day..and keep three blogs, though not all are written every day. Patti

  20. Hi Sharon. You already know that I'm a big fan of all your artworks. I love the previews! Congratulations on your most recent accomplishments.
    I will be sure to check your blog from time to time for inspiration, a giggle or two, and to keep in touch too. Hugs, Karen
    P.S. Smile! I am!


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