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Who Says You Can't Draw Day 7

Well here we are at Day 7 and this is the day that I absolutely impressed myself  with my own drawing.  Never again will I say, "I can't draw a face".  Even though she looks like she's about to fall over... a little bit too tilted...Look at that nose... WOW... and I love the shape of her face.

Drawing by looking at a "model" is definitely a lot easier ... I noticed how much more attention I paid to the size of the eyes and particularly the iris.  Squaring off the lower lip and making the bottom lip larger than the top was a first.  I could have put the eyebrows up a bit more.  I paid much more attention to the placement of the lips below the nose this time round.   All in all.. it's been a week of real learning in how to draw a face.  Time well spent... I'm pretty surprised and pleased with my results!!


1 comment:

  1. Wow! I'm impressed. I don't know if I could do as well. (faces aren't my thing - I do better with roses)
    Rae Ann O.


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