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The Card Winner & Little Dresses

Thanks to all of you who "played" and entered the card contest last week! It was very helpful for me and I thank you. Here are the results:

1st Place #1 Asian Blossom

Both #10 (Tea Party) and #4 (Poppies) were also quite popular as #1 pick!

2nd Place - Swan on the Lagoon

3rd Place - The Tea Party

And the winner of their favourite card is GALE! She choose #10, The Tea Party as her favourite. Please get in touch with me Gale with your mailing address so I can get your card off to you!

Little Dresses for a Sweet Granddaughter

I had a busy weekend. When I was in Toronto last month visiting with our daughter and granddaughter, my granddaughter asked me if I would make her a yellow dress. Well what gramma who loves to sew could say no to that kind of request?

When she was a baby and a toddler I made a gazillion dresses for her. She was the best dressed kid on the block. Well now that she is "four and five fourths" (her words... she will be 5 in September) I thought she wasn't too interested in having gramma make her dresses. Well, I was wrong... she sure set me straight (chuckle) in no short order.

So gramma went shopping for material last week and had a sewing marathon over the weekend. From the chaos of material, thread, buttons and zippers in my sewing room, four dresses for our sweet pumpkin emerged. They are simple, but cute and will keep her cool over the warm summer days yet to come!

Yellow pinstripe and yellow floral bottom

Pale green, blue and yellow dots cotton

She'll love this one ... it has turtles, hearts, butterflies, the sun, flowers and a hummingbird in the pattern!

Ice cream cones, ice cream cones and more ice cream cones. This might be her favourite! I wish I was four and could make one of these for me! (GRIN)

She loves getting parcels in the mail. Grandpa mailed all her new little dresses off to her today along with a couple goodies for mommy! I can hardly wait to get the phone call... she gets so excited when she gets a parcel... she'll be tripping over her tongue!

Have a great week everyone...



  1. I loved your little sundresses that you made for your sweet little granddaughter! She is so blessed to have you! I will try to get in touch with you from art-e-zine. Thanks for having the contest. I loved all the cards but like everyone else had my favs.
    Love and Laughter,

  2. she is ADORABLE!!!!!and will love all of her new wardrobe!

    i missed the card contest but they are all lovely!...i like the swan myself :)

  3. These dresses are adorable! I used to love to sew, and I sewed for my son and dauther, and myself. Maybe I sould make myself a sundress!

  4. Adorable dresses. I wish I were a fly in the room when she opens that parcel.
    Loved listening to your story as I browsed your blog. Now where did I put that box?
    Pat..who is 49 and five fourths.....with a Sept b-day as well :-)

  5. sewing for little girls is such fun, you can get as frilly and silly as you want and they love it!


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