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Current *Free* Trade Downloads

Are you game for a friendly trade?

One of my goals for the next year is to increase my blog readership and you can help me achieve this goal if you are game for a friendly trade. In a nutshell, here's how it works. 

This is a one to one trade.  In other words, you can receive the project/ tutorial of your choice, each time you are willing to take one of the following actions:

1. Add a link to in your published "Blog Roll" on your blog.
2. Place a link on your blog or website to
3. Tell others about the *Free Projects & Tutorials* they can get at in a post on your blog with a link to myStoryART
4. Become a myStoryART Blog Follower.
5. Post a positive, short review of my blog with a link to myStoryART at StumbleUpon.
6. Tell your Facebook friends about your favourite blog post on myStoryART (and include the link)
7. Send a positive posting to Twitter about an informative or interesting blog post you'd recommend others read on myStoryART
8. Send an email to 3 of your friends letting them know about
9. Post a message in any yahoo/ning/crafting/scrapbooking forum or group you belong to letting your fellow artists know about
10. Leave a comment on one of my blog posts.  If you post a comment ANONYMOUSLY, please send me a separate email (just look on the right hand side of the home page and click on the "Send me an email" image) because I will have no way of knowing how to get in touch with you as your email address will not be visible!

It's that easy. 

Once you have taken any of the above actions, all you need to do is send me an email with your name, blog/website address and the tutorial/project you'd like to receive and  I will send you an email back with the (time limited) link letting you know where you can download *your trade*. 

I love to go cruising when I have a few spare minutes and enjoy seeing the creative ingenuity of all my blog followers... from raw beginners to seasoned professionals.  So please, let me know where your home is on the web so I can stop by and say hi!

Here's a list of current trades.  Which one would you like?

Instant 3D Artist Trading Cards ©

You'll love just how easy and quick it is to create a delightful "Hilda" ATC! Simply great for beginners. Fun for ATC series collectors. Quick and easy when you need a small gift or tag for a special 'girlfriend'. Make 1 or 20. Great for trading with others! Just add your personal information on the back.

All ATC packages include
  • a ready to print ATC image (front and back paper)
  • word art (if any)
  • digital "layovers" or embellishments to play with and add to your ATC
  • a step by step tutorial with a supply list and details for completing your ATC.
  • All images are 300 dpi PNG files.
  • For personal use and/or ATC trading purposes only.

There are 5 ATC's in the series. The first Hilda ATC is no longer available (she's retired for now... soaking in the tub).  The second Hilda ATC in the series, you can see her at the top of this page, Halloween Hilda is ready for you to have some fun putting it together for Halloween and adding it to your collection.  Just take one of the actions above, send me an email... telling me what action you've taken and she'll be on her way to you in a jiffy!  But hurry... she'll only be available until Nov. 5.

Readers Digest Condensed Books
Little House/Cottage Project

A fun project... build a little village of cottages using the covers of old Readers Digest Condensed Books.  Package includes the house/cottage pattern and instructions for putting the houses together.  Also included in the package is a "how to" for making bookboard using the book's pages.  Handy to have around, bookboard is a very cheap alternative to other more expensive art substrates or material. Take one of the actions above, send me an email and it will be on its way to you!

My Top Ten Background Paper Techniques

Get stocked up for future art projects with these fun paper techniques. Use as background papers in collage, altered books or for covering books. Try them out on different substrates to create interesting backgrounds for your art. Up against a creative block? The fastest way to break through creative blocks is to CREATE! Use these background techniques to ramp up your creative juices.  Just send me an email and they are yours.

Thanks for being willing to play!  I appreciate your support very much...