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A Passion for Purple...

I love purple and I love green.  These two colours find their way into a lot of my creations.  Mind you, I am rather fond of the combinations you can get in what I call "circus colours" too... greens, reds, purples, oranges, yellows.

This past week I had fun creating in both of these palettes in polymer clay.  I have been experimenting with making large (over an inch in diameter) hollow polymer clay beads.  I like that big, chunky look but an oversize bead made entirely from clay would end up being quite heavy.  So I decided to experiment.

I dug around in my stash and came up with some small Styrofoam balls and covered them in clay.  As the clay baked, the Styrofoam held the shape long enough so that the bead didn't collapse.  When the bead was "cured", the Styrofoam ball  had shrunk down to just a tiny ball inside.  It makes for a stunning focal bead!!  Cut the Styrofoam ball in half and you can make a half bead as well.  Give an "organic" shape to some larger flat discs, cut out graduating sizes of smaller discs and you have the makings of an interesting necklace...

I've also wanted to try out making some large, layered beads and some European beads with the large holes in the centers.  However.... I tried at least five times to upload the photo and it just doesn't seem to want to!  So perhaps next week, the 'Net won't be quite so temperamental and you will get to see it along with a watch band I made.

Till then, have a fun week,



  1. Hi I was facinated with how you made the purple beads on styrafoam balls. What kind of clay did you use. I have never worked with clay. I didn't know if you might be interested in a batch of faux pearl beads. My mom's estate had a lot of beads since she was an antique dealer of estate jewelry and I am trying to liquidate. Let me know on the beads and the clay thanks. Joan

  2. Beautiful necklace! Love the colors.

  3. I love beading. You always trump me. You make the beads!

  4. Sharon,
    Thanks for the link from our yahoo group! Love the colors. Great idea to use the styrofoam. I've only worked with poly clay twice and I know there is lots of patience and skill in creating flawless beads like these!


  5. Great work Sharon. Styrofoam is a great tool. I like that you created something uniquely yours. When I bake with it, because I use our stove, I am careful about the fumes when I take it out of the oven. I have it in a closed roaster pan and open it up outside for extra safety. Lovely photo.
    sincerely, Deb Groom


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