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One World, One Heart, 2011 Edition

**Please note that this post will remain at the top of my posts for the duration of the One World, One Heart event. For newer posts, scroll down and click on the latest posts in the Blog Archive section in the right sidebar.**

Welcome to this year's One World, One Heart magical giveaway event starring bloggers from around the world!  Thank you so much for deciding to stop by myStoryART for a visit today.

Organized by Lisa Swifka, as a way for bloggers to connect with other bloggers from all corners of our wonderful world, this fifth and final year for the One World, One Heart Giveaway event promises to be the best yet!!

If you are a blogger and you'd like more information about how you can participate in this world wide event, just drop by Lisa's blog to read the "rules and regs" .  Many words of thanks and appreciation go to Lisa for all the work, time and effort she has put into this event over the past five years.  It is truly a gift of love on her part.

If you are a first time visitor to my blog, allow me to introduce myself and give you an idea of what you can expect to find, see or do during your visit to 

My name is Sharon House and I'd like to invite you to sample many of the delicious "goodies" you can discover buried in 130+ posts you can find on my blog.   Tasty morsels such as...
  • Entering your name for a chance to win the special giveaway gift I have selected for this year's One World, One Heart event.
  • Wise woman tales and other delightful, intriguing stories
  • Art projects to inspire you
  • Hands on projects for all levels of artistic talent
  • Tips, techniques and ideas you can use in your art
  • Tutorials you can download or request
  • Much, much more to delight the eye, tickle your funny bone and stimulate your creativity
If you like what you see and/or hear during your visit and would like to drop by again in the future, may I suggest that you bookmark my blog address in your browser or become a follower or sign up as a subscriber?  And, of course, remember to enter your name for a chance to win my GIVEAWAY. 

(Retail value $25.00)
I chose this funky, handcrafted polymer clay Inukshuk earring and pendant set (it also comes with a story, "The Story of the Inukshuk... The Meaningful Messenger") for my giveaway because of its symbolic meaning. The Inukshuk, originally found in Canada's arctic (and which was also the symbol for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games) is an enduring symbol of the importance of caring friendship between peoples and also serves as a reminder on an individual basis that we always have a choice in the direction we choose to take as we follow our life's path. 

Here's how to enter this Giveaway.

It's very simple!  Leave a comment on THIS POST along with your email address and a link to your blog (I'd like to return the favour and stop by for a visit to your blog)   The draw will take place on February 17 and I will post the winner's name here on my blog. 

**A gentle reminder... you must be a blogger and have your own blog in order to enter the draw.**

Thanks for stopping by today. I sincerely hope your enjoy your visit and come back again soon!



  1. Hey Sharon,
    I'd love LOVE LOVE to be the lucky winner!
    I am doing OWOH also, so you check out mine and if you like it, leave a comment.
    I STILL refer back to your post on the uses for the reader's digests... that's what got me into blogging... a search for reader's digests.

  2. Hi so glad to meet you love your art earrings !!


  3. Hey Sharon.. it's Tee from Altered Books... thanks for the link to your blog. I'm still working through the group and getting to know people. I'm participating in the event as well if you'd like to visit me and enter my drawing...

    shadohart (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Hi Sharon, I'm from Italy and so glad to visit your blog full of interesting posts! Now I'm a follower and I'll link your giveway to my blog!
    Your earrings are very beautiful!!

  5. Hi Sharon, I saw your post on our yahoo clay group. What a neat idea for the giveaway! Thank you for sharing the story :0)

    Miranda @

  6. Hi Sharon, I salute your creativity and very generous sharing with your friends around this wonderful world of ours. Lets hope by our actions we can save the earth. I send warm greetings from South Africa. Sue Williams

  7. Thanks for the drawing. Your pendant and earring are cool. Please feel free to enter my drawing, as well. avennett AT verizon DOT net

  8. hi!!!i'm eleni from greece! please enter me in your wonderful givaway! thanks for sharing!!!!!
    visit my magical owoh post too:

  9. Hallo, nice to meet you
    Thank you for giving us the chance to win your great doorprice.
    This is so cool.
    Please count me in.
    Come visit me on my blog,I join the OWOH- event too.
    Regards from Germany and happy OWOH

  10. HI! What a gorgeous gift! Please, count me in!

    Hope that you'll join in my giveaway ♥

  11. ¨¨¨¨°º©©º°¨¨¨¨¨¨°º©©º°¨¨¨¨¨¨°º©©º°¨¨¨¨¨°º©©º°¨
    How lovely! I would love to win it!
    Please come to my Blog to win a real crystal ball!
    Be well & wish well,

  12. Hi Sharon,
    I'm really loving your giveaway! Happy OWOH!

  13. Greetings!...So pleased to visit your lovely blog. I am a Canadian Mixed Media and Digital Artist and look forward to meeting a new friend. I hope you will visit my blog as well. or #230 on the OWOH list.

    Thank you for including me in your wonderful gift draw.

    Hugs, Gayle
    my blog:

  14. Well, as one B.C. girl to is nice to know that you're sharing our olympic symbol with a world of bloggers. They are lovely Sharon.

  15. Thank you for being apart of the OWOH journey!

  16. Hello from Germany. It’s nice to meet you. Your door prize is great. Thanks for entering me in your contest. Please visit my Blog too. I’m #116 on the flying wings

  17. Hi and so nice to meet you.
    Your giveaway is beautiful and I would love a chance to win!
    Greetings from bonny Scotland
    PS If you have a mo and have not already done so, please come and see mine too:o)

  18. Hi Sharon,

    I like your trading concept, and I can see why people would like the cottage project, most cottages, if not all, have old reader's digests collected around.

    It is nice to meet other Canadian artist.

  19. What a cool set you are giving away! I love the meaning behind it! Thanks for this great opportunity to win! I hope you get a chance to visit me! #357 jinglesells at gmail dot com

  20. Hope you have oodles of fun during OWOH. I've enjoyed it so much over the years. Thanks for your generosity and participation in the event. Count me in please.
    visionquest2020 AT msn DOT com

  21. Neat!So many creative blogs! WoW! Count me in your OWOH Door Prize Please! Thanks,Tee

  22. Sharon, what a wonderful give away. I fell in love with this stone figure when I an my husband toured Alaska and VanCouver last year. Beautiful country. I've enjoyed your blog and will visit frequently.


  23. Thanks to add me in your drawing for these pieces of jewelry, they are great!
    Greetings from france.

  24. They are so amusing your Inuksuk. Hope you have many messages!

  25. Yea! So glad to be here. You have an awesome blog! Come check mine out sometime. Thanks for entering me!

  26. beautiful earrings! thanks for the chance to win!

    waving to you from the West Shore! :)

  27. What a nice little (well literally anyway) sweet giveaway. Please enter my name for a chance to win, thanks, Norma

  28. Wonderful jewelry! Very unique and fun. :) Thank you for the chance to be part of the drawing!!


  29. Greetings from Fresno, California :-)
    Please enter me in your drawing for your lovely give-away gift.
    ~Cheryl over @ Artsy Fartsy

  30. Hi Sharon, I read your blog often but mostly as a lurker...amazing how a little giveaway can bring out the best in all of us. I just love the little Inukshuks. Have a great blog hop and come visit mine.

  31. How lovely! I so love the inukshuk! Having livied in theNWT for 3 years, I love the culture of the north still.
    Great giveaway!
    Thanks for the chance to win your creation!

  32. Truly one of a kind, I would love to win.

    Please stop by my blog and enter my OWOH giveaway also! I'm #590.

    hoerauf at comcast dot net


  33. lovely giveaway

  34. Hi Sharon.. thank you for stopping by my blog.. always wonderful to meet another Canadian artist.. and I think Victoria is one of my fav places.. love your blog.. will be back to read so glad you like my pieces .. your Inukshuk pieces are gorgeous.. hope I

  35. Hi Cheryl, thanks for coming over to my blog-I was in Victoria last week! Much better weather than Calgary. Lovely Inukshuk set and your blog is lovely.

  36. I've been a follower of your blog for some time and I do enjoy your musings.

  37. THESE ARE SOOO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!!!!!! I know that's not very grown up of me but, come on, how cool!!!!!!! By the way I'm pleased to meet you (I'm Shelle from Sunshine Coast Australia) OMG you are making me smile, how cool are these???? If you have time I'd love you to come on over check out my giveaways & comment at my OWOH post too :) One World One Heart... It's a marathon BUT SO MUCH FUN!!!! OHHHH YEAH as Macho Man would say :)

  38. wow - what cute little guys! Great prize! Happy OWOH Stefanie

  39. Hi Sharon, so lovely to meet you, a fellow Canadian! Please add my name for your giveaway, I would so love to win your gorgeous Inukshuk necklace & earring set:-)

    Make sure you come by and enter my own giveaway if you haven’t done so already!!

    Hugs, PEA from Canada xox

  40. I enjoyed viewing your blog very much. Isn't Blog Hopping fun ?

    Thanks for participating in
    One World One Heart 2011

    check out my blog #635

  41. So very nice to meet you,
    Please enter my name in your lovely giveaway-
    Bonnie in Florida
    Blogs #566 and #567 USA

  42. As a fellow Canuck I would dearly love to win your Inukshuk set.

  43. Oh please enter me in your OWOH Giveaway! If I am the winner, you can contact me at Take a moment to visit my blog and enter my OWOH Giveaway at


  44. Happy OWOH, nice to meet you :)Great pieces!


  45. Great blog! I will definitely be back to browse your writing and tutes.
    LOVE the Inukshuk jewelry!
    Thank you for participating in OWOH 2011. Pop by my blog, #51, if you get a chance.
    hugs from a fellow Canadian in northern ON,

  46. Hi Sharon, Great to see you here, Those are so cute!!!! I'm in! Come sign up for mine if you haven't yet, #65 on the list
    Hugs Lynn

  47. very glad to meet you! please come visit my blog too!

  48. Greetings from Louisville, KY - USA
    Nice to meet you and visit your blog.
    Winning your give away would be awesome!
    Thanks for including me in your drawing..Come visit me, I am playing too.

  49. Thank you Sharon, those are really cool! Your blog is delightful
    cathyguitarteacer-77 at

  50. I have enjoyed visiting your blog ! I LOVE your Inukshuk jewelry pieces and the story behind them :)

  51. Love the Inukshuk jewellery set. I built my first Inukshuk this summer in Jasper. Wow, some of those rocks were heavy!

    I hope you will visit my blog too
    (Art of Humungous Proportions)
    Best wishes ~
    (OWOH Blog #602)

  52. WOW this is awesome! I never heard of the Inukshuk, but I think I'm in love with them now Xo)
    Please add my name to your list... I writing from California. Also come visit mine, I am #164 in the list.

  53. Hello from Cornwall, these are great so nice to meet you and your blog!

  54. Really cute item!! Thank you so much for the chance to win =D

    Come to enter my giveaway if you have time


  55. Oh wow oh wow oh wow! So cool!
    I love this symbol (even tho I'm in the states)
    Please include my name!
    Caryl OWOH #270

  56. Flying in from One World One Heart! :)

    Hi Sharon, nice to meet you! I love the meaning behind this gift set!

    If you haven't already, you're welcome to visit my OWOH post anytime!

    Happy Blog Discovery!

  57. Hi Sharon,

    It's good to see a familiar face in the crowd. It's been awhile since I've been here. I am always impressed with your work. Love what you have chosen for us, too. I'm number 11 and hope you drop by.

  58. Hello from Oregon! I have enjoyed peeking around your blog. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway. Too cute.
    Please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway if you get a chance. OWOH # 473
    :) Gale

  59. Hi Sharon I've enjoyed reading your blog which is very inspiring

    Your gifts are brilliant and I would love to win - please enter me into your draw

    Come visit me at No 177 and No 727


  60. Oh you have such a wonderful blog and great give away! I shall have to keep my fingers crossed! Visit me too #220 needlewings at

  61. This is a very lovely set you're giving away. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  62. Hello Sharon,
    I'd like to be the winner of your wonderful giveawy.


  63. This is awesome!! I love it!
    Please sign me up!

    Please check out my blog too to see my OWOH giveaway.

    Seattle WA

  64. Oh these are lovely! I would love to win these....being a Canadian, myself, they are very fitting!

  65. Isn’t this fun? I just love OWOH! Thank you for participating… please count me in for your terrific giveaway. If you get a chance, I hope you’ll visit me too (if you haven’t already).

    Beckie =)
    artbeckons at hotmail dot com
    San Diego, California, USA

    OWOH #119
    OWOH #132

  66. Thank you for for offering this beautiful gift and thank you for the chance to win. Your hard work really shows!

  67. I love the solid good nature of the messengers- and the wonderful ideas on your blog! I wish I could subscribe some other way than Reader, but alas! I do not see how. Perhaps knowing you're here will be enough to make me utilize that app more- because your blog is delicious!


  68. Thanks, Sharon, for stopping by and poking around! I like that term, kind of fits doesn't it?

  69. I'm looking forward to reading more on your blog! Thanks for visiting mine. I'll email you privately too.

    :-) Gina #299

  70. What an appropriate gift you have made. I love the symbolism. I am from WA and love traveling to Vancouver, a beautiful city.

  71. Sharon, Not meaning to enter twice but I realized I said Vancouver when I meant to say Victoria. My favorite place is Buchart Gardens,

  72. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am following you now. Stop by and visit me again!
    I would love to win your jewwelry art, so please count me in!
    Best Wishes,

  73. These are very cool...They make me think of the Rock Crushers from The Neverending Story movie.
    Thanks for the chance at your doorprize!
    Stop by my giveaway as well.

  74. Hello from wonderful wild Wyoming. I certainly enjoyed visiting your blog and learning a little about you. Love your giveaway...the heart jewelery is lovely. Please enter me.
    (stampgram AT yahoo DOT com )
    If you have a moment stop by and enter my giveaways too.
    # 385
    # 132

  75. Sharon your rock clay jewellry made me crack up they are so full of whimsy. I would love to win em! I would deffinetely wear these and my 6 year older would love em too. He always comments on my jewellry. Hugs, Sanna

  76. Hi from Canberra Australia Nice to see you here. Maybe you would like to come over to my place and see what I have to offer.
    Regards Doreen #573.

  77. It is so wonderful to meet you and visit your little part of Blogland. I absolutely adore your giveaway and would love the opportunity to be a part of it. Happy OWOH. Please do drop in during your journey.
    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland

  78. Wow what a lovely giveaway! Please add me to the list !Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  79. What a unique and wonderful door prize!

    Your blog is interesting and I'm going to go back in moments to peruse some more. Thank you for finding me via OWOH!

    Janet, Honey from the Bee, #64

  80. I would love to be entered in your wonderful drawing. Please stop by my blog #809 for a chance to win my door prize.

  81. Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Teri and I've been blogging
    since December 2010. I love to scrapbook and create altered art
    jewelry. Your blog is very nice. Please stop by mine! Thanks for
    sharing your blog. Have fun on your blog travels.


  82. Greetings Sharon from a fellow blogger/crafter in the UK.

    Quite by accident (browsing on google) I found your blog and as it happens I'm also participating in the OWOH amazing journey of happiness :)

    I enjoyed browsing your blog and find your give-away just so lovely. I definitely keep my fingers crossed.

    Please feel free to visit me when you have a moment.

    Caroline OWOH #613

  83. Hello, greetings from Malaysia. Happy OWOH to you.
    I'm also participating in OWOH 2011 and here is my link.
    Please come visit me too!

    whimsyloft [at] gmail [dot] com

  84. I love your Inukshuk earrings and pendant- I teach in a school that offers Cree as a second language so we have many First Nations and Metis students in our school.
    Thanks for participating in the festival- I hope you are getting a chance to tour around the festival- so many great sites to visit and bloggers to meet.
    You can find me here:
    Regards from Western Canada,

  85. These so remind me of the Rock Monsters from Veggie Tales Pirate Movie! (The monsters were really good guys).

    ecarian at yahoo dot com
    OWOH #506, 508, 793

  86. I love these little Inukshuks! Please enter my name into your draw -- thank you so much!
    ~martha (#384)
    (from Toronto :)

  87. what a cool thing to give away. please count me in:)

    and you can visit me at

    take care

  88. Fabulous Unique Giveaway - please include me and do come and visit my blog and enter mine too –if you haven’t already – I am #139 - I will be back for a more leisurely look around your blog after the event :-) – Cheers Britt in Australia

  89. Hello from a fellow Canadian!

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway, Thank you for the chance!
    Misfit Momma
    misfitmomma at gmail dot com

  90. I just googled "The Story of the Inukshuk... The Meaningful Messenger" I was wondering what it meant I'm so in love with this I think I may make some. Thank you so much for sharing I already won cause I learned something I didn't know before. I just became a follower as well. Thank you again for the gift of knowledge.

  91. Greetings from Ipswich, MA USA

    Very nice to meet you. Unique gift! Please enter me in the OWOH drawing.

    I hope you have a chance to visit my blog, too. I'm offering a shabby chic denim necklace. And...please, come by again later so we can chat. :)

  92. Hi Sharon, it's so nice to meet you and see your artwork. Your blog is fun! Your profile picture immediately reminded me of a favorite movie of mine called Somewhere in Time with Jane Seymore. What a nice sentiment with your giveaway.

    Thank you for visiting my little corner of the blogging world and for your nice comment! I do hope you return soon :)

    Happy Creating!
    Indiana, USA

  93. I love your simple instructions for the buttons! Must give it a try, and am following your blog! Thank~~Mary

  94. Hi Sharon,

    Good luck with your foot surgery. I had surgery on my left foot a little over a year ago and was in a non-weight bearing cast for 6 weeks. I kept my laptop, journal, and lots of books by my bed and I didn't get too bored. Love your work and your blog.


  95. Greetings from Massachusetts, Your earrings are so very unique and what a great story to describe them. I love stones and pebbles and seem to always come home from the sea, or another adventure, with a bucket of them. I think our children are following my passion because they have their own stash of nature's offerings too. Blessings in the journey, Rebecca #393

  96. Hi, it's wonderful to meet you through this lovely event. I'd love for my name to be entered into your giveaway. Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day. :-) I'm off now to look at more of your blog!


  97. LOVE these - how unique!! I can't say I've ever seen anything quite like them, but I'd totally "rock" them if I am the lucky winner! :) Thank you for offering such an awesome gift, I'd love to enter my name in to win! If you'd like, please stop by my blog (if you haven't already) where I'm giving away an original painting (by me of course!)...I hope to see you there!
    Peace & Love, from New Zealand...

  98. I love your stories. And these stone people are so unique! Please vist #875

  99. Hi Sharon
    it was so nice to see you visit my blog again xx I really need to get back into reading blogs instead of books lol

    Your giveaway is fabulous


  100. Hi Sharon, I would love to win your beautifully handcrafted polymer clay Inukshuk earrings and pendant, and story "The Meanful Messenger." How sweet! Please visit my blog, too. I am the author of "16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood." I am giving away my book and a couple of laminated 4 leaf clovers.

  101. Hello Sharon! Hello from Chilliwack! You have GORGEOUS work and I had no idea that polymer clay can be that intricate! OWOH has been fabulous introducing me to your work! I’ve bookmarked it to revisit again when I have some time. It’s been fantastic meeting you and thank you for visiting my blogs and leaving such kind comments!
    ~Spike (#22) (#24)

    spikelikeart at gmail dot com

  102. Hello Sharon, those are sooo cute! Oh my!

    Hope you can join in my goodie giveaways as well! :)


    calejbitsvyk at gmail dot com
    calej d'art

  103. Hi Sharon. Greetings from Virginia (I was born and raised in Nova Scotia though.) I absolutely love your Inukshuk earring and pendant set. Please throw my name in the hat for a chance to win such a lovely gift.

    I would love for you to hop on over to my blog for a visit. I am #78 on the OWOH participant list.

  104. Greetings from southern California. Love your amazing giveaway. Please add me to your hat. I'm flying in during the final hours of OWOH. Thank you and cheers!

  105. I would like to have my name submitted for a chance to win your drawing!

    I love to meet fellow crafters so if you have time stop by for a visit!

    Thanks so much!!

  106. I'm late, I'm late, this blog hopping is great fun, but I am running out of time....
    Yes, please add me to your beautiful give away !
    These peeps are just TDF !!! They make me smile, lovely :-)

    and visit mine if you still have some time....

    #206 - OWOH

  107. Oh what fun, I think he is fab would love the chance to win your wonderful door prize.

    Still making a last minute dash around the world, please come enter mine if you get the chance to.

    Elaine #730


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