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"If Pigs Could Fly" - Sooke Fine Arts Show

As promised in a post a couple of weeks ago, here are some photos of my ceramic/polymer entry, "If Pigs Could Fly" that has been accepted in the Sooke Fine Arts Show, that begins today and runs through August 2, 2010. 

With so many entries and so few pieces of art accepted, I am deeply honoured that my special piece found a place in the hearts of the jury judges and a "podium" to sit on and amuse visitors to the show.

A few "creative process" notes on "If Pigs Could Fly"

Standing approximately 14 inches high and made out of ceramic glass, a base "undercoat" of clay was applied to the ceramic and a second layer, the clay "overcoat",  was added to the first layer of clay using a random method similar to putting a fabric "crazy quilt" together.  Each section has a different, but compatible pattern to the next section, impressed in the black clay. 

The rivets,  screws, nails and aviator glass rings are made from polymer clay as well as some of the elements... the keys, old coins, "belt" separators, the keyhole with a photo transfer on clay behind it, etc...

The tail, which moves when gently touched, is made from black covered wire. 

The wings were constructed from hand embossed copper metal, then distressed and antiqued.

The snout has a metal propeller that moves and spins.  The propeller was made on request for me by our family friend Ray who chuckled when he heard what I was creating... this time around!! 

Ray loves humourous pieces.  He absolutely adored the bare naked Santa ornaments I made last Christmas... he placed a large special order with me so he could give all of his curling buddies and friends ornaments I made with Santa holding a curling rock.  According to his wife Sylvia, he was absolutely thrilled when I asked him to make me a metal prototype of a propeller for my piece. 

"He could hardly wait to get into his workshop", she laughed, "and the promise of some of your buttertarts for his efforts got him going as soon as we got home."   Thank you again Ray!!

The aviator goggles are made from a piece of leather and multiple clay rings(with plastic lense inserts for the "glass") and the eyes are two pink "jewels", placed cross eyed on purpose!

When completed the piece was carefully dusted with various pearl ex powders, fired and a semi matte finish was applied.

It was a ton of fun making this piece which took me about a week to complete.  Instead of planning "how" to do it beforehand, I let the ideas evolve as I progressed... a much more "organic" way of working that is somewhat "riskier" but a "method" of creating that I truly enjoy.  I believe that the sheer amusement and joy I experienced during the process comes through in this piece. 

I hope it brings a smile, a chuckle or even a giggle to the people who see it at the show.  My wish is that someone who comes to the show, sees this fun, amusing creation that I fell in love with and falls completely in love with it too.  I know they will just want to purchase it for a special spot in their home to remind them, each time they see it,  of the important role that fun and humour plays in their life.

 "If Pigs Could Fly" ... indeed ,,, what do you think pigs could discover if they could fly?  I'd love to hear your answers!!

Thanks for stopping by today for a peek...




  1. LOVE THIS PIECE! I am a big fan of
    flying pigs!! Have a collection of them.....Thanks for sharing!
    Artfully Yours

  2. What a fab piece! Just delightful!
    Congrats on the show.

  3. I think your pig can fly!!! How wonderful!'Sharon

  4. Amazing piece of work! So much fun and it's obvious how much you love this piece and I can see why. I love it too.

  5. He's adorable and if I were going to attend this festival-this guy would be flying home with me! :-D

  6. Oh, I love him! It looks like leather and he's SO unique!!


  7. Congratulations! Nice work, very unique, I'm sure he will get lots of scrutiny at the art show!

  8. I just love the quirkiness of what you make.
    Your comments are another prize we get when we come on your blog.

  9. I love this guy. So glad you were chosen for the exhibition. It's exciting for sure. You are goi g to make many people leave with a smile.

  10. great piece!!!!! it is assemblage!
    but worked with in the ceramics
    awesome piece and i am sure this shall be well received!


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