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Having Too Much Fun...

Is there such a thing?  If so, I am wallowing in it!  I have been so art deprived these past couple of months that I am making up for it BIG TIME this week.

Sewing is still a little difficult since my eye operation... the close up work gives me a headache rather quickly... so I had to find something else to fill me up with "happy juice".  I decided that I would play with my clay... and get the "celebration giveaway" for this week finished up while I was at it.

I have hesitated *forever* in trying to make a face cane.  I wasn't sure how to go about it and didn't have a clue as to how it would turn out.  I found some instructions in one of my clay books and decided to take the plunge.  It took me forever to put it together (like most of the day!) and get it reduced.  Well what a laugh I had when I finally got it done... it was so ugly, it was darn near cute! 

"OMG what am I going to do with this big,  fat, homely cane?" I mused to myself.  "Well let's see if I can dress it up..."

The "ButtonLady" below was fitted with a black "wig" (with a few strands of gray) and a button bonnet with a bow.  I keeled over laughing... what a "honker" she has!  Mouthy too.  LOL. Well, she just had to have some friends, so I took a piece of the cane, reduced it down and made her some "girlfriends" to have "heart to heart" chats with.  The more I look at them, the more I smile!  I am beginning to like them... they are just so "real".   Go figure...

They need some names.  Got any ideas?  One of the girlfriends is definitely a "Shirley"!  Don't ask me why... I haven't got a clue... she is just a "Shirley"!  Can you guess which one it is? 

Let's have some fun.  Leave a comment with your name ideas for these lovely ladies and I'll throw your name in the hat for the "Celebration Giveaway" to be drawn this Friday.  If you left a comment on the previous post announcing the "giveaway", here's you chance to get your name in twice!

Which brings me to... a photo of the (finally) finished "Giveaway"!  I had something else in mind when I first announced the giveaway but then I got together with three of my clay buddies last weekend for a "clay play day" to make raku lentil bead pendants.  Well, I just had to make another one.  It turned out so nicely that I decided it was the perfect gift for the giveaway draw. 

We all forgot to put seed beads in our beads on the weekend but I didn't forget them when I made this one.  It has tiny beads inside and when you shake it, it has a very gentle rattle.  It actually has more texture on it than is showing in the photo... you know me, I'm not that great a photographer... but trust me, there is!

So there you have it!  Help me name those ladies (leave your comment below) then check back on Friday (June 11) to see if you are the winner.  I'll show you some more "stuff" that should be finished by then too.

Chat with you on Friday...



  1. Oh Sharon! How great! I think Shirley is the friend with the blue hat. I think Beulah and Evie are great names for them. Stella is another good name. Plus I think the pendant is faboo! I would love it!

  2. Nice JOB Sharon! on both the ladies and the raku rattle bead. I'm guessing the one with the green bow is Shirley, lol.
    "Button Ladies" (I thought that before reading your post)...obviously at least one of them has buttons on her mind, hehe.
    I'm not good at naming, but maybe Betty and Ada would be a good fit to Shirley.

  3. I think Shirley is the lady in the red hat. They sort of remind me of Beryl Cook's wonderful women, so I think one should be called Beryl and maybe one could be Beatrice.

  4. Love your "Ladies" Reminds me of the party lines, years ago and my Aunts: Bernice & Corky, who were always talking to someone. :-D

  5. Shirley, Mabel and Lou. Very nice work!

  6. Hi, Sharon! The leading lady looks like a "Joan" to me...the other trio look like Jane, Liz and Sally with the green bow!

    I think the hairdo reminds me of Joan Rivers!

    Sally B.

  7. I think Hattie is a great name for the big button hat.


  8. Shirley - maybe the one with green bow. Addie, Tillie, and Evelyn were three of my great aunts. Shirley was Evelyn's daughter.

  9. Lorraine seems like a good one for one of the friends; don't know why...

  10. I love the ladies! They look like they have great fun together. I'm thinking "Rose" for the button lady. Other names I came up with were Marleen and Esther. For me, the lady with the reddish hat is Shirley, Marleen is the lady with the green bow and Esther is the lady at the bottom.

    Cynthia mentioned party lines! Oh, do I remember them, and the gossiping that would go on! We had a four party line. My Aunt Dala and the neighbor lady (whose name I am blanking - Marlene was her daughter) were the two gossiping ladies, and they listened in on conversations without concern for privacy. We had lots of laughs over them. (And a few heavy sighs...)

  11. Well for crying out loud! I forgot to mention the lovely raku lentil bead pendant you are giving away. It IS lovely and I love that there are tiny rattling seed beads in it.

    I have a bracelet made by a Tuarag man who was a friend of my friend, Zanna. I always wondered if it had actual seeds in it. Maybe it has seed beads. It came from Mali where there are lots of beads, ancient and otherwise. But I love the sound of the little seeds or beads as the rattle around. What a great idea for you to do that to your pendant! Nice colors, too...

  12. These ladies are too cute! I would love to see more of their friends. Shirley has to be the one in the pink hat. One has to be Laverne and the other has to be Maxine or Doreen.

  13. Sharon! Your first face cane - what?! You did a fab job! The button hat lovely is absolutely a Carmen. The green bow lady seems like the Shirley of the group; wearing the blue hat is Mildred, (who prefers "Millie", thank you so much), and rounding out the diva-licious four is Rose, a not-so-delicate flower!

    Your bead necklace is beautiful and intriguing with the gentle rattle twist.

    Congrats on a successful eye surgery! We won't be deprived of your artistic vision - you are an inspiration! Keep up the ALL the great work.

  14. "Elsie" and "Myrtle" were real people in my family two generations ago; I bet they'd like to join Shirley for some ice cream and a chat!

  15. I think she looks like a Mertle!Sanna


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