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Gone Digital...

Here's my small offering to the world of art for this week!

I was recently invited to a baby shower for a neighbour. Here's the cute little card I made to go with the gift! I was pleased as punch when she and the other women at the baby shower ooh'd and aah'ed over such a sweet little card personalized with her name.
It went together quickly as I did it all digitally, printed it out on glossy paper, added two little buttons on each end of the ribbon below the fence (it's pink grosgrain ... even if it does look white in the photo) and taped it to a watercolour weight card from Strathmore.

This second digital piece is one I made for a "quote swap" in my art techniques group. Even after doing 32 - 5"x5" cards, I liked it so much, I had a T-shirt made for hubby with this graphic printed on it as a fun little surprise gift! He loved it... and all of the folks in his office agreed that this was definitely HIM (he loves coffee!) when he wore it to work on Jean's Day!

I seem to get on card "kicks" every now and again and really enjoy it... especially when ideas just pop into my head!
Have a great week.




  1. The baby card is just so sweet! You did a great job on those cards, I like them a lot.

  2. I'm glad your back is finally giving you a bit of rest - you are certainly back on top form! Love the coffee man. Take care not to overdo, now you're feeling better. Much love, Susie

  3. Love the baby card, Sharon! Sounds like you're feeling better?
    Hope so.

  4. LOVE your coffee card - I can relate to that subject! Thanks for sharing. ~Nina in San Diego~

  5. Good Morning Sharon!!!
    Loved your cards. I do a lot of cards for my very large family so I really appreciate a goooood card!
    Love and Laughter,

  6. Very cute card Sharon! I haven't tried any digital art as of yet... I'm trying to resist, I already have so many hobbies and interests!


  7. Love your coffee card! I have a pillow on my chair with that same saying!!!

    Love your Cohen quote at the top also.


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